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Raymond Products is a 50 year old U.S.A. manufacturer of material handling equipment including panel movers, sheet movers, platform trucks, heavy duty caddies and dollies. We also supply sheet wheelers, chair storage trucks, student desk lifts, folded chair dollies, chair totes, stacked chair dollies, table movers and more. Our diverse product line allows our products to be found in warehouses, factories, and most all industry from inner office with our desk lifters and furniture movers to the shop and warehouse. Our panel movers are perfect for moving office cubicle partitions.

Most of our products contain our unique red vinyl coating, which acts as a protective finish as well as a non-slip surface. Our panel movers have become the standard for anyone moving heavy loads. All of our panel movers and platform trucks are available with many different types of casters as well as extra tall uprights.

Our V shaped book cart keeps books from sliding off the cart, and is perfect for libraries, schools, offices and book stores. It is heavy duty and easily maneuverable in tight spaces.